by Hugh Augustine

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A masterpiece created by Hugh Augustine and Ervin EP Pope.


released May 14, 2013




all rights reserved


Hugh Augustine Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: REAL
Is it real how does it feel they wanna know
how does it feel they wanna know
make noise for the real shit
throw it up if you feel this

Is it real how does it feel they wanna know
Wake up in morning put the reefer in my dome
Playing in the pussy with the finger for my chrome
WESTSIDE where I'm coming from LA is my home
Hush don't talk too much
You ain't been around no real Gs barking mutts
I'm filthy with an ill scheme took 3
brother got a pistol for them hater tryna kill me
Rip to the beats that I murder on a constant
Got these little bird suckin dicks for the contents
I'm conscious so I got up in her conscience
Bomb threats when I firing up a concepts
another plane going down
From the underground
Came to the top looked around just a bunch of clowns
Court jesting for the king while I'm burning pounds
Murdering rappers I been working on my body count

It's real how does it feel they wanna know
Every where I go I'm thinking of another flow
In the studio rolling up for the show
Ride for my team
Perform for the hoes
Just vibe with a king baby show me where it goes
Long strokes make her cum then I'm going for the throat
Let me know if you a nasty girl
bus it open
Ahh that's my girl
She take pride
In the way that she ride
Lemme slide thru middle
Then I'm leaving for little
Get the money till it can't fold
In the game I ain't playing man I'm all coach
They know my name in the streets cuz it's all dope
100 percent
if I wasn't on the mic I'd be gunning for rent
EP on the beat so we running the shits
Stachebox with a crown getting money you bitch

Is it real how does it feel you'll never know
Swimming in deep water my product upon a boat
That's overseas living
I'm dope weed shipping
In the party with bang
Lowkey tripping
Got the furnace wit me
Burning sticky in the Benz
And I'm packing Trippy
I let her fuck on all my friends
Cuz they dime a dozen
her man run up with static then I call the cousin
They really thought I wasn't
Affiliated with the natives
Let the money be the reason why the snakes wanna hate it
Baby what's you name I forgot it I stay faded
Tell your friends they can come as long as they getting naked
But I ain't paying shit
You should be happy with taking all this dick
Learn from my Papi
Run it until you rich
Or kill um until they dead and bury um in a ditch shit
Money on my mind and my palms itch .
Track Name: DOWN AND OUT
Coming out the underground like a vegetable harvest
Fixated by the carnal knowledge Overcoming hardships
when it gets a little tough we start to going godless
Living like a starving artist no direct deposits
I'd probably change the game with the chance too
Hotter than a buffalo but all my bills pass due
Feeling like a ball player on the court can't stand losing never thought that it was just a sport
war outside I gotta make it to the fort
keep the fire by my Eire like I'm carrying a torch
Ha gotta burn if you wanna Learn like a Phoenix from the ashes I will return
take turns ima cut the line on um
like a barber with the razor so close to the caper
And if I'm chasing paper than you know I need the Franklin running sprints in a marathon no pacing

I'm slizzered in the club
ladies looking at me you know they showing me love
Dudes tryna scheme you know they wishing they was
Young smooth killa but I ain't claiming a thug
just a boss with vision on the game
When I'm in the bank cash checks with name
Hugh Augustine and you know I rain supreme
No red box
but I got a pale blue ring give me honest top
You down baby come ride with me
Had her in the 650 cuz her thighs thickey
No hickey
she gotta model tomorrow and
I ain't her man you know I'm in to the borrowing
In her thighs took her back like enterprise
get to murdering beats call it genocide
I made my way out with a rap song
Plus the crustaceans in the bucket wasn't that strong

Feeling like the comeback kid
Get stronger ever day
So the busters afraid
And I ain't sweating a fade
But you don't wanna fight tho
Probably wanna pray before you walk along a tight rope
Call it first round knock out lose your title
Do this everyday cuz only the devils idle
God to these rap cats feelin like they k9
When they get to barking I'm sparking it and remain calm
coming from the darkness you ain't never seen
Your worst nightmare let me help you dream
I'm the king but my past is humble
Always had to hustle get the cash and double
Coulda been broke staying out of trouble
Came along way from laying in blood puddles
When you get shot you learn it ain't all muscle
Battle with my mental now
Write a verse lay it down
More 16s than the clip for the 9
There he go again
Walkin thru the city like no bullets ever touchin him
look you could see in my eyes
more pride than a pack of lion chasing a prize death defying judging by the size they call me a giant non violent it trouble if I'm silent I'm from the west side damage ya clan like black man with a plan light skin with a tan steady bustin her friend I had um crumbling stems life's amazing bet she even fuck in the Benz beach adjacent the only way in paying rent put my toes in the sand smell the weed in the wind you gotta face it im better than all that steady making statements they gossip n chit chat I hit um with the basic
arithmetic And I say how I feel fuck the sensor ship

change the world with a bright idea
They always said I had a smart mouth

The flow is ferocious your styles atrocious you better have a seat multiple sclerosis riding on the beat serving quotes in doses they ask the mc what the diagnosis we suffering from lack of dope shit half is bogus other half is vulture runnin for my dick cuz they like how it bulges but I never lose focus I just whip it out and show these women the motions
you know I keep it fresher when I'm rippin a glad wrap
Hat back with a fat sack in my back pack
All black suited like war times
California Rollin when I hit um with raw rhymes I stick um like porcupines
And shake um like fault lines the damager all others rappers gettin fucked by they managers I got a light bulb over my cranium cuz you ain't pack a show until you sell out a stadium

Lord of the underground burry the superstition you like a stray dog in a car collision we doing long division with the acquisition my ambition get the work fuck the opposition my definition master of the competition my composition with the pen like a violin to my lady friend got her dripping after every sentence thats the difference I wrote cuz I lived it the flow is vivid like a di Vinci on the ceiling god willing I survive for my children only hip hop could give you this feeling stared in the basement now we run the building the furnace carry heat like a thermos rhyme so sharp it probably scar your epidermis
I climbed thru that bullshit and hit the surface I'm learning perfect never listen to them serpents
Track Name: MONEY
Whole team in the club you ain't getting in
Throwing cash in the air
Let the money spend

2 o'clock when the club close
And I just walked in homie where the hoes
Valet out front let my car post
It's only take 2 minutes for a car load
Snub nose got me ready for the action
But I ain't gotta do it whole team stay packin
Relaxing in my section
Baby ass so fat no question
Pull the gold wrap out for protection
First give me head make me stand at attention
Lil freak got me fuckin in the club now
Hit it while her homegirl giving me a rub down
Aww shit time for three scoop
And when I'm done ima pass um to my people
OG remember that shit
Talkin too much ima give her that dick

Just made a few racks bout to blow um
Double ds in your shirt better show um
Titys In my face cuz the way a king flowing
And I ain't want no kids so I fuck her with a Trojan
Hold up pull it out put it in her mouth
Do it on the couch in the VIP what I'm all about
Pretty boy but I'm lookin for a hood rat
From the city so she know how to hold a strap
Fuckin with me cuz she know where the money at
She got a man but he Wack so she coming back
Look my last chick was a bud tender
Rolling blunts full of wax for a club member
Got the packs for the low
So I'm on the road
Trunk full of work
Getting dough
Fuckin with a pro
Hennessy and kush got me leaning
all this cash in air had me thinking I was dreaming

Spending cheese got me living where no cops go
Big rims so I'm watching out for pot holes
Getting head while I'm driving
Rode dome
Eat the pussy till it squirt
Love the way she moan
Like raven Simon
That ass phat and she paid I'm takin her home
Snap a flick for the gram to show um I'm on
Headed west on the 10 bout to exit on the shaw with a broad and her friend
We could do this every week baby call my phone you can find me in the streets baby
But lately I'm on the grind daily
No new dudes on the squad cuz they shady
More kush more hoes more clothes
And if its bout money then fuck it ill switch flows
And if its bout money then fuck it ill tip toe
Right to the safe pick a lock and get gone
The first time that I saw you was with another
The last time that I saw you was under covers
Distant lover I want another chance to romance mixed with apple pucker martin flow genie stroke if I had one wish its for you to blow wake up bake up while you cooking on the stove
That's a real women hold me down only in town for one night know I get around so is you Rollin I gotta know cuz I gotta go another show it's the domino effect when you on the top do your mother fuckin best don't get caught up on the set get a bullet in the chest on a ego test back to subject I can't be your husband I just wanna be that one hour in the tub man

I got plans for ya no matter where you are or where your going im just tryna put my hands on ya last chance if you dont bite i wont write fight back lay jabs throw the blow right low light a few drinks got the flow right and if you want i can give it to you all night think about it me you some more ice put the pressure on the pipe make more diamonds fly shit charter a yacht greek islands wine list coming for the booty like a pirate mix Hennessy and ginger ale burn the kush that you smell in a L never fails im a G need tails like sonic tryna get the cash never pray for the profits putting my faith in the game thats logic she understand that im the muthafuccn man

Yeah girl I know you do it no hands change plans we should be moving to france playing sheet music cognac in the glass and the gars cuban split it up add buddah thats my peace movement pretty smile got me out i need rebooting we shooting this hd remember each way that she say MC she screams my name from the top of the balcony the neighbor might hear i know they tryna see the nasty im coming for the scalp like apache native to the tongue had her speaking in a few hitting high notes singing in tune playing the blues feeling the hugh oh so long till she fall for the charm then she gone never go back once youve had the mac its pure black give that ass a smack she need that but my bags packed

come on girl stop acting so wierd cuz im not trying to be
what you think about me and you having sex with no strings
it could be fun no one has to know unless you want them to
it could be fun no one has to know unless you want them to so what you wanna do
Track Name: I GET HIGH
What can I do
I was born this way
Everyday I wake up
Gotta make more pay
I get high
I never a saw a wild thing sorry for itself y'all
Never sorry for myself y'all

Follow the cloud if you wanna reach
Far as the eyes see
Living in between where Heaven and hell meet
I greet peace chiefing on the rent it's only the 10th
got enough time to flip it and go get it again
Yo it's true crowns in my audio Sequence
I drops jewels cutting like an emeralds greenest
bam IQ of a lyrical genius
Damn getting women cuz my physical features
Man I'm embodying the fire from the shotty and oops I mean the Nina bullet almost hit my femur
Got a graze on my rib cage
What a miracle
upper body impenetrable
My train of though colliding made me spiritual
A reflection of cause
my perfection is flawed
Give erections to broads I
Till it narrow they view
I'm hugh my true color Like deep waters the darkest blue

What can I do
I was born this way
Everyday I wake up
Gotta make more pay
I get high
I never a saw a wild thing sorry for itself y'all
Never sorry for myself y'all

So beautiful
undeniably better than all the usual
This ain't love song yall this a thug song we from the bottom gotta make it out the drug home
Had to fall down just to get up again
Doing crimes I was hanging with felons then
Never got locked I was quicker on my feet
Till I got popped had me laying in the street
Took 6 months just to walk on the beach
Getting high on the piff might fuck off a week
Then come back with a hit I can play on repeat it feel good right?
Up early in the morning fighting thru the night
the consequences of danger it's real life
The compliments of my changes high priced
Took a lot to get over my past
Now I'm staring at my future can't help but laugh

I maintain knowing the game changed
Steady evolving proceed with caution
See I learned a lot on the road im walkin
pack a heat in my soul I'm sparking blaze blunts in the ride take a sip of the nonsense
bump my old shit while I'm clearing my conscience
My content getting live in booth the truth you'll get stomped like a warriors boots
I match lyrics to the beat of my own
Selling rhymes till I get me a home
A lost product riding in the city I Rome
I got vshot up
now I'm here slanging a poem god got us and he ain't never leave me alone
My slave blood tell me fuck the establishment
My king mind tell me never let them bleed your skin
The Stachebox full of dollars so I gotta win
I was born on this earth so I gotta sin
Track Name: DO IT AGAIN
Lil mommas a rider
I let her roll with me then I go up inside her
I'm the provider and she's the locator
Tell me where it's headed ima go and get the paper
Baby's a gangsta I know she be thug out
Fienin for my loving every night leave her drugged out
I got a love jones for her skin tone
She keep the pearl laid out when I come home

Can we do it over and over again
When my tongue touch your body like holding a pen
Write my name down your spine
With the finest lines
Giving you Brain like I'm Einstein
Give you my name can you handle that
I got some ice hot oils and the candle wax
Whole pound of Og in my backpack
I let her practice Rollin up blew a few stacks

She keep it fresh everyday is like the first date
I'm off the plane and she's waiting at the gate with a hot plate high stakes what she betting I know she ain't leaving cuz I'm giving her the essence
With this jet black
Cross the boarder leave her wet back
Wet bed change the sheets and flip that
Now it's time for another round
She put her crown on a king like a root canal

Last night ever night
Me and you getting right
Outside in the moonlight
You know I like to explore baby the wild type
In the morning when the sun rise
I love to get you wet like its high tide
Got me going for your neck
And right when you come
It ain't over yet
Riding in a truck
With some ladies b
Tryna cut
Roll that weed up
Turn that beat up
Is it loud enough
Is it loud enough

When I'm stepping in the club
All the ladies show me love
Mixing henny with the bub
Fire up another dub

Lil momma don't rush me
Your man can't touch me
Style so fresh
Weed so musty
Comin from the west
So my wrist on chunky
Hugh and EP get the money
Better trust me
Stay on the job
I don't ever sleep
Put the pussy in my face
Now it time for me to eat
It's like I'm runnin in race
I only finish when she skeet
Then I tell her how it taste
Make a king wanna beat
Beat it like she stealing
Going for a billion
20 ft celing
100 pounds now I'm chillin
I got to move it all
Stack it up tall
When you getting dough all the hoes on call
Never in the mall
I'm in the boutique
And that ass so fat but she petite
Smoking dope mixing hash from the Middle East
Make her forget her x man fuckin with a beast

Riding in a truck
With some ladies
Tryna cut
Roll that weed up
Turn that beat up
Is it loud enough
Is it loud enough

When I'm stepping in the club
All the ladies show me love
Mixing henny with the bub
Fire up another dub

You know it's Hughie
feeling stewie off a doobie
full of OG
got it on the bloc for the low
burn slow like candles
spit light living life
like a Pharaoh, shit
coming from the bottom like im getting rode
reverse cow girl and the condom broke
fuck it never stop stroking
and after i bust i gotta keep rolling
pockets swollen jeans stay fitted
fly as shit on hoes like pigeons
styles switching got you tripping
cuz we make dollars while your cents less
and thats how we living
passport got more stamps than flight attendants
im on another plan while your in class
so if i dont get cash im loading macks

Bringing the funk
Henny in my lap
Got the heat in the trunk
Pistol grip pump
Volume 10 in the blunt
So you know I'm cross faded
Never spill a drink but a king stay wasted
I don't ever chase it
Straight shot like the bullets that was blazing
Gave her the cock
Now I'm waiting for a payment
It don't stop fuck the cops and the state pen
I'm on the run and I'm going deep
Knowing when the job done if she fall asleep
She got a man so we gotta creep
I got plan give me bout a week I'm in the street
I'm gettin money share with my peeps gotta eat
And my plate on full
Big white Benz and the tank on full
ERv behind the wheel AC so cool
Put them hoes in the back now we headed for the pool
Watch me get the hoes wet
Sailing stoned
As the world turns
I'm moving along
Don't know where I'm goin but I know I aint far away
Wake me when I'm home
travelin everyday

I got a rhyme in my mind and I just can't help myself naw
Took my time just to find that I don't want nothing else y'all
Looking for the truth in the booth
Like I'm questioning myself why
Sometimes I want the money and the fame but I worry bout my health I

Walk down the street
Back full of aches
Soul full of heat
Heart full of pain
Change the world
Before I change my name
Tryna fuck before I get you a ring
World full of lust I gotta be king
Got a problem with trust
I just wanna have a fling
I don't wanna have a daughter and I kinda wanna son thinking what the fuck could I teach the young
Growing up with all type of guns
In our neighborhood they think murders fun programmed by the videos games to take aim at close range I pray to god it dont stay the the same switch lane to lane but I ain't going far wishing that I get home in a different car hit it from the back know i likes it raw then i beat up the track I don't like to spar

Got a rhyme in mind that I can't stop
Can you feel it in your chest make your body rock
You wanna live don't stress that's a caveat I
They know I'm getting more check so obvious
Im probably hot living in the city with cops
broke laws to get by had to flip it and watch
I'm on the plot now workin on some land and a crop
The MC medically cutting like it surgery
emergency in the studio with urgency
I need it now never waited for a green light
speeding on the turnpike
gotta get my money right
big face never waste a day
when you living in the city gotta pay to play
the paper chase
Running like amazing race
I grace the stage feelin like an ace of spade with the king on the table 21 now I'm able took a bullet for the cane now I'm back and I'm stable
Shit don't believe everything you hear
And even of less of what you see your vision ain't clear
Putting evil in your ear cuz they pumpin fear
I free my soul when lacing flows like dr Shultz lock stock cock and load stop drop and roll I set fire to house hold workin with the stars in the night like I'm van gogh
So yo is it really a dream when you can't sleep envisioning what you've seen that was last week this week your king and Brutus around the corner he wanna wear the ring Augustine the badest muthafucca you ever seen blowing green when I step in the party it cause scene like a
Spike lee joint that's game point hit um head lead that's a pig oink

So where my people with the 9-5 tryna stay alive on a drive with a blunt to vibe
And where my ladies gettin money to stack
independent with ambition got a blunt to match
And where my homies getting loot to roll and you make your own shit you ain't never stole
Building credit like the end of an episode
Peep game I jus gotta let the world know we in pain but we gotta let that shit go we need rain if we wanna grown I plant seeds in your brain cuz you never know what can happen in a mind with some inspiration motivation revolution in the making
I'm comin for the money like a porn star
Following my heart like the north star
Headed for the top of the chart fuck a sports car
I'm into manufacturing flip weight countin cash slow eating my dinner on big plates
I'm focused on meditation till fear is gone
Wish I had a time machine so I could fix my wrongs
Bong battler astro travelers
Fill the world with bright ideas until I had enough
Soul glowing got me strong like Samson
Blow dro'n hoes following the god type handsome
And if you ever spot a king like me jus know my pocket full and my tank off E
The competition born bitch like a white Maltese
The consequences of submission is the lose of a tradition
So I'm a black man strong fight
Bullets in my body got me workin on them long nights

get up if you ready for this blast from the past
keep a zip in the stache
never mash on the gas
I'm on the highway cruising
Gotta flip it for the masterpiece
And Get the cash in the G
My name is Hugh the son of Andre
And if she walkin long legs we could all day
but pussy never motivated me to get paid
Spending it did
so I'm 6th grade switch blade like bench made
It's a lot harder when your coming from the bottom
With the pain in your heart and your family just don't bother
Cuz they got they own problems
Karma come quicker when you living life starving walking with no caution feeling reckless lately
Like I'm about to blow up
Cuz old friend wanna hang since I got my dough up but so what these people's is frauds I jus do my own thing and let I'm applaud
They want the raw style hit um in the neck by the jugular
You all clowns and your baby momma a juggler
I found out apple martinis make her pucker up
So I got her in the living room with some nuts to sucks what
Bow down to your father
Going for the numbers like I studied the kaballah
Who are ya? The martyr
But they ain't send enough shots
To leave me where I'm standing
Gettin change like I'm Barack
Progress you wanna battle no contest I'm complex hidden message in my context my arms rest I'm fighting a mental war
Running thru the labyrinth chasing a menataur
I been a force way before I had shit to floss
we ain't had a king since they nailed him up on the cross
And I ain't had a dream since that morphine shot
Only nightmares never sleepin on a money plot


I got a voice in the back my mind I can't help
Saying they outdated Put um back on the shelf
got the power like I'm Tyson going after the belt
I devour any coward still believing in myself
Yo more vision than 20/20 we getting money
Dress bummy eating good grands in my tummy
They don't gotta see me floss know I Do it righteous
You ain't really living if you gotta ask the prices
The nicest mc master of the crime shit timeless I speak then I get the dime flip
Heads or tails then I bust it on her iris
Mighty Isis rolling papers like papyrus
Call me pharaoh how I get denaro
Fuck around with the Stache Ima leave you steril
Apparel all black with a little special
Gold watch no rocks in my Swiss bezel
Yo What's really going on going on going on

So much on my mind lately
I don't know where to start
Having trouble with relationships
Cuz she wanna take it too far
the first day we met
She said I had the fly gear
The first time we sex
She said I had some good hair
Well hold on lady
I don't know you that well
You gave me that all night
But I ain't paying that bill
I woulda waited if you asked me
A gentlemen and Im classy
Had you butt naked rump shaking
In the back seat
plus I just met you last week

I know you want all my free time
But that's gunna cost ya
Ima fire up this bee line
& I hope you brought the ganja
I wanna get high fly thru atmosphere
Hoping that we make it last past a year
getting buns like belly so sincere
Make her cum like rain crying happy tears
Did I satisfy everything you need
But I'm still leaving she call it greed
Can't plant a seed in your apathy
Wanna pick a fruit from your apple tree
Damn yo I think it got a worm in it
It took a bite now she got me on a burnt mission
I wish that I woulda left it alone
Pass it to the homie now he ready to bone

I can't make up my mind see
Let my friend hit now I'm lonely
But I react like an OG
Met her off LaBrea with a posse
Told um come to the show you can watch me
And if you like what you see you Can give me a call
Then I picked up the phone she was ready to ball
Had her carrying bags while I walk thru the mall
The same chick from previously
Wanted the sex so immediately
But I resist she really aint my type
Skeezin with team now she wanna be my wife
What joke gave her a quick poke
One for the road now I'm riding that 100 spoke
Smoke herb in the whip just to cleanse my soul
Track Name: LOST
I Lost my heart yo where did I put it down
The key to my soul no Where to be found
I don't recognize when your making a sound
I hear the beat now tearing it out

I gave her the key to my master lock
Told her bout the nightmares after the shots
When I was taking pills to make the pain stop
So I slide her a few and then we both knocked
In a whole other mind state
I like the way she vibrate
Ready to bet it all high stakes
Fire place got it lit up
Kush got it lit up
Hit it from the back cuz I like the way she sit up
In no time we connected fire sign
Like the dial tone she call I'm pickin up the line
Started needed her started feeding
We come together and shower like some meteors
She my Indica got me feeling low when she leave gotta cop again and i smoke
I dont know why she got me so high
Can't last forever I need a supply

Put my love in a box and threw it in the deep sea
no key Locked down for eternity
I wanted to keep her like im purchasing
But she's a diva you can peep her in the magazine
She like the finer things
gold chain diamond rings for the offering now she modeling
and all these other cats gassing her up
Good women gone bad now I'm passing her up
So sad when I think about the dreams we had
My mask off when together how she made me laugh
I blast off on the Kush just to help me crash
But damn I'm so high I ain't even see her leaving pulled out my hear now my chest bleeding
Never cheated on her I was half decent
But shit i guess life goes on
I took another shot if yac then I rolled that cone and got faded
Track Name: PAIN
All hail the ganja send you the drama if you Stepping to me
I use the verse like Scripture it's a weapon to me
From the earth so in time I must return to glory
The conclusion No Illusions when I tell my story
Three shots can hardly walk and now you want to worry
The pain strong but I push on with Kush and 40s
The mixture slows my mind down
I'm thinking figures I'm thinking fragments five toes that just can't remember
Last December on the third caught a major hiccup
Oxygen mask morphine for the cock and the blast
Fuck the cops they're only holding guns for the cash
Fuck the shooter he's probably up in jail eating ass
I'm on top now ain't nothing going to stop me
Because I was the one laying there with my pants bloody
And you ain't care before so why you want to love me
Paranoia got me tripping just a side effect of living

I just want you to feel something
Desensitized by society
Working to be king without succumbing to the tyranny
Vitally I watch the signs in my privacy
Analyze the real shit from the piracy
The little kids only know what we show um
Is there a future for the seeds only reap what we sewing
And I just wanna be a good example
Speaking my soul over records hope they clear the sample
I'm from the city where we don't make it
gangbanging older brother sister getting naked
Everybody want the fame but they don't respect it
Treating life like a game but there's no resetting
Yeah I'm stressing over love lost
Wondering if god listening cuz I sold my cross
Tryna not to fall victim to the system I'm taught
They Built a prison in my mind like I'm living in court but fuck a plea barging

I ain't saying that we are proud of all our decisions
Times like this make it hard for me to follow religion
I still pray wonder if my mother forgive him
I still cry wonder why auntie Kim aint living
Shit it's getting too deep
Fuck and leave I got problems with intimacy
But I'm honest and truthfully you suffocate me usually
Suck me for my talents and I'm tired of the usury
Be gone world full of vampire vultures
Couldn't play the game what makes you think that you could coach it
Fucking up the culture
My people got to eat and you're just poising the surplus
Water gone bad rays burning through the surface
Not protected by electeds
Burning in a session
Got a pistol for the weapon if you think of disrespecting
Rhyme scheme visible to show you that we're miserable
too many days have i sat back
feeling like the set backs
got me in a death trap
born broke with some hope so a brutha raps
tryna make an impact and i know i cant do that
sitting in an office
putting profits
to a charity
feeling content i call it cash therapy
hell naw i know that money never reach the people
dr evil when the mini me's speak on fables
im only trapping with this rapping money under tables
first project yeah my cousin fund that
he was 17 i was 16 big dreams
no diploma after 4 years studying
my college on the blvd
crack babies studdering
you know you got one in your family too
born in the avenues
moved up the hill right above the zoo
off the 10 west follow Hugh

i gotta make it man i gotta make it
thats what i pray when i lay in bed
but my legs too long so my feet dont fit
this cant be the end for life i gotta win

im living rough
feeling like i got to do wrong to get enough
my face too black so i cant get a job
parents aint together
4 kids under pressure
if you think nick aint my brother than i got to cut ya
we come together like blood plasma
nothing else matters
wombs aint the same but we got the same pain
feeling like the king of the land full of shame
cuz im grown and the plans still the same
but the grands aint expanding and fame aint a game
got to be ready for the name in the lights
make you turn on the people who gave you life
taught you the skills glad they raised you right
coulda been alone in the streets on them cold nights
had a fridge low food but we had lights
hot water love my father undersand my mother
even though they aint together it wasnt too much trouble

i cant get with these women
who fantasize on spending
million on true religion jeans born privileged
nose pointed to the sky
when i pass by
purse clutched like ima beat her up
if i say hello she act like im in love
yeah you look cute
but your dumb as fuck
used to be beautiful
now your pitiful
too caught up in that party life
you never stand in them you only blow lines
i see the pain in your eyes but you never cry
lost soul searchin for the high
you cant find its inside
love self that the bottom line
theres no prize
you can either be the wife or on the side
you choose knock boots in the sand
or the van
theres a chance to advance
if you master the plans